Technical Infrastructure Management

Our specialist engineers and management team are scheduled to provide 24/7 emergency services.

We keep your facility’s infrastructure (power plants, water pressure tanks and such) under control and surveillance all the time. We also provide emergency action plans and regulations for waste management of your facility.

In line with the "Regulations on the Sharing of Heating and Sanitary Hot Water Expenditures in the Central Heating and Sanitary Hot Water Systems" published by the Official Gazette dated April 14, 2008 and numbered 26847, and in accordance with management plan of your facility; reading of hot/cold water and natural gas calorimeters is made by us along with application of sharing the results to apartments.

We make sure that all the machinery and equipment are working as scheduled and as how they planned to work.

  • Technical Infrastructure Operations / Effective management of machinery and equipment
  • Controlling mandatory tests and examinations carried out in accordance with the legislation. Also, undertaking, coordinating and supervising the business responsibilities
  • Management of preventive maintenance programs according to error reports
  • Perform periodic audits to assess the performance and status of the plants and equipment
  • Providing training for staff to increase quality of technical services
    1. Management of automatic control systems
    2. Emergency plan administration
    3. Management of monitoring alarm systems
    4. General maintenance management / Periodic care and repair / Troubleshooting services
    5. Establishment of planned maintenance programs for equipment, machinery and systems
    6. Organization of preventive maintenance services on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis to ensure that the equipment, machinery, equipment, systems and technical volumes are operated efficiently during their economic life
    7. Coordinating maintenance and repairs which require expertise and license
    8. Large scale repairs and renewals
    9. Technical management of Sports facilities and Social facilities