To provide you the highest levels of comfort in your living spaces, we meet your demands like Dry Cleaning – Fitness Trainer – Babysitter – Party Organization fast and reliably.

In addition, with our many years of experience, we offer solutions for transportation and relocation by providing you with "tailor-made" solutions in the process of moving.

  1. Dry Cleaning Service (Hotel, Restaurant, Hospital, Health Facilities, Dormitories, Care Houses, Social Facilities etc.)
  2. Party Organizations
  3. Babysitter
  4. Helpers and Assistants for your Homes and Offices
  5. Fitness Trainer
  6. Transportation Services
  7. Rent and Sale Operations:
    1. Establishing contract details
    2. Negotiating and reporting determined rental prices, management expenses and advertising shares with candidate tenants
    3. Evaluation of candidate tenants
    4. Site delivery
    5. Management of tenant relations