As MASTER SERVIS family, we adopt "humanitarianism and human values" as our core principle. By making sure that our members contribute to themselves individually while contributing to our family, we continue to provide "tailor-made" services to the projects we work with which are constantly developed by the very same members.


Our recruitment practices are based on the qualifications of competency model. In order to achieve the principles of merit, candidates are evaluated with interviews and test applications so that the right candidate is situated for the right position


As Master Servis, our performance evaluation system is carried out periodically in each project.

Master Servis Central Office employees are evaluated with a test system that focuses on target orientation and competence once a year.

We perform the measurements by monitoring the progress of each of our personnel in each project in 3 months – 6 months and annual periods. Promotion and appointment processes are determined according to the success rates in these periods. In all these periods, we make sure that our members can see their contribution to our family. The basis of our system is that the objectives of our employees are aligned with the goals of our company as well as defined realistic goals and the mutual trust between our employees and the company.


The personal goals and career plans of our employees in Master Servis central office and in our projects are supported by the career plan and educational development processes structured for the relevant position with performance evaluation systems. In the performance evaluation that is done once a year, the evaluation of the potentials of each of our employees are taken into consideration.


As MASTER SERVIS family, we adopt "humanitarianism and human values" as our core principle. From this view, we built a training and development system that is based on employee development to support constant high performance by implementing continuous improvement programs for our family members.

Master Servis provides training programs aimed at medium and long-term goals with Management Strategies (professional and individual development and service trainings gathered under a proactive and centralized structure), and training aimed at lifelong learning.

Thus, all of the employees of Master Servis, at all levels, are trained to centralize the service culture of Master Servis in their working life.


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