Chairman’s Message

In order to be a part of today’s competitive globalised economy, besides from developing more sufficient production and service techniques, it has become an important component of companies’ policies to control expense budgets more professionally.

Facility services, which are indispensable for facilities, should be provided by professional teams that can manage the work force, machine/chemical components and IT solutions effectively. Providing these elements with appropriate management techniques ensures the quality and sustainability of the management services. Sustainable quality of service management is one of the most important components of choice and customer satisfaction.

We are very proud of the contribution we have made to the employment rates of our country with our thousands of employees and hundreds of clients.

For the coming years, our goal is to expend our family and increase the number of our satisfied clients. Also, we will be very happy to be remembered with not only our economical contributions but also with our social responsibility projects.

I wish our success that is established with our clients will lead us to greater achievements in coming years.


Nihat Akar.