Security Services

Take Precautions!

Our professional security teams perform security tasks 24/7, with or without weapons, by using electronic security measures. Our teams that provide your safety without slowing down your routine functions carry out patrols at designated points and when an unexpected situation arise, team members respond as we trained them in training institutions.

We make sure that in an unexpected suddenly growing security incident, while we manage and dispose the risk quickly, we also care for the environment.

If you choose MASTER SERVIS you will witness what we can do to solve your security needs with high technology and experienced staff.

With authorization of the private security services law numbered 5188, our trained staff offers you a peace of mind by providing security of your living spaces and facilities. We plan strategical positioning of the CCTV system to provide you, your family and your guests with comfort of being under professional protection.

  1. CCTV Service, Alarm, Card Access, Road Blocker
  2. Secured Parking Garage Management
  3. VIP Security Service
  4. 24/7 Security Management of Buildings and Factories (Factories, Organized Industrial Zones, Shopping Centers and Malls, Housing Sites, Ports and Marina, Hospitals, Business and Trade Centers, Educational Institutions, Hotels, Stores and so on)
  5. Security Management of Organizations (Events, Sports Events, Meetings, Fairs, Concerts and so on)
  6. Security Equipment and Its Maintenance, Electronic Security System and Equipment Applications
  7. Security Analysis and Consultancy (Risk Analysis and Threat Assessment)
  8. Emergency Management and Fire Protection
    1. Evaluation and reporting within the scope of regulations
    2. Preparation of Fire Risk Analysis Report
    3. Emergency training for personnel and building/facility users
    4. Preparing the emergency action plan
    5. Arrangement of emergency drills