General Training Programmes

Our training programmes are conducted in accordance with our quality standards and management which includes ISO Processes and Standards.

Master Servis provides periodic education of personal development, professional development and technical training to all employees, regardless of their position, with full attendance requirement. Our employees’ performances and attendances in the training programmes play an active role on routine performance assessments.
Our training programmes that directly increase self-awareness and are given by professional trainers who are experts of routine trainings are:

  • Personal Quality
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Security, cleanliness and management
  • General security, technical infrastructure, hygiene, disinfection, color codes and concepts
  • Trainings of cleaning materials and chemicals, classification of used cleaning materials according to surface types, prevention of damages that may occur in the event of misuse
  • Trainings that introduce electronic security systems, equipment, tools and machines,
  • All aspects of practical and theoretical cleaning,
  • Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Communication skills and customer satisfaction

In all periodic audits, personnel are evaluated on those trainings.