Pest Control



While paying the utmost respect and care for environment, we offer periodic and conscious application of pesticide for those which harm human health and foods (rodents such as mice, walking and flying insects, ticks, snakes and so on) and for those which harm functionality of facilities (gnawed cables, drainage blockage, harmed stock and so on).

We contribute to your families’ and guests’ healthy living standards by using modern chemical, mechanical and electronical techniques for removal of pests that harm the ecosystem that we live in which includes workplaces, schools, healthcare facilities, restaurants, mass housing sites and projects, villas and such.

If you choose MASTER SERVIS, our experts can prevent reduction in your quality of life by removing pests that can carry pathogens and that cause damage to your facilities (conflagration, accidents and such), and by doing so, we can protect the durability and functionality of your facilities.